Woman suffering from facial burns found solace in watching herself heal

One woman is showing off the natural healing power of skin.

In a thread on Reddit, Bonnie Norman of Fort Worth, Texas, shared four photos that span the timeline of her recovery after a facial burn. “Skin is amazing. I suffered facial burns in a work accident and here is my healing process in pictures,” she wrote. “In the ER it was literally a game of: is that sugar or is that skin?”

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive, both on Reddit and in my personal life,” says Norman. “Of course, there are a few trolls because it involves more than two people interacting on the internet, but I’ve been really happy to see so many nice comments wishing me well. My favorite are my fellow culinary industry people though — they know the true risks of working in a kitchen like I do.”

Over the course of the four photos, her skin goes from irritated and red to healthy and glowing. The commenters are cheering her on — and taking caution from her story.

“My mom told me once that the greatest fear of anyone who prepares food is never the sharp knives; it’s hot sugar. I can’t even imagine, dude,” wrote one. “I’m glad to see your skin is doing its job and fixing itself up so well, too — it’s amazing the kind of damage we can survive, or even go unscathed from, sometimes.” And sometimes, we end up with skin that’s even more glowing than before.

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