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Woman struggling with infertility surprises parents with emotional news in moving TikTok

This woman surprised her parents with her pregnancy announcement, after struggling with infertility, and their reaction was so moving!

Yadi (@its_yadi_yall) is a TikToker who recently found out she was pregnant and decided to share the exciting news with her parents. However, Yadi couldn’t have predicted just how emotional her parents’ reaction would be! In the sweet video, Yadi records her parents’ reaction as she shares the exciting news that she is pregnant after struggling with infertility for 8 years.

The video begins with Yadi’s parents sitting across from her at a restaurant. They’re enjoying their meal and chatting with each other when Yadi passes a gift bag across the table to her mom.

Yadi’s mom looks at her with a confused expression on her face, while Yadi’s dad continues to eat for a moment before he notices that something is going on. Then, the parents start to open the bag together.

Yadi’s dad pulls a piece of tissue paper out of the bag, then passes it to Yadi’s mom who begins to unwrap it. The parents look slightly confused at the unexpected gift, but so far, neither looks particularly excited.

Then, Yadi’s mom pulls a tiny onesie out of the tissue paper and holds it up. Immediately, Yadi’s parents’ facial expressions change. They both look up at Yadi in shock. Their mouths drop open and their eyes widen.

Yadi’s mom puts her hands over her mouth as though trying to contain her emotions, while Yadi’s dad attempts to hold back tears, his lip quivering slightly.

The video ends with both parents wiping away happy tears and hugging.

“After over 8 years of waiting for the impossible and years of training people to stop asking, we finally got to tell my parents ‘when,’” Yadi writes in a caption.

Viewers were tearing up at the sweet video.

“It was when the dad’s lips started to shiver. Man, I lost it,” one viewer wrote.

“I wasn’t crying until I saw your dad. Then I was,” another viewer agreed.

“That 8am cry session is always a surprise on this app,” joked another TikToker.

Yadi’s video certainly shows the meaning of happy tears!

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