This woman’s strategy to catch ‘disrespectful’ partners in the act is evil genius

Are you worried that your significant other might be using OnlyFans behind your back to pay for nude photos and explicit videos of other people? Do you fear that if you ask them whether they have an OnlyFans account, they will just lie to your face about it? Well, one TikToker has come up with a genius (albeit intrusive) way to find out definitively.

On Nov. 2, TikTok user @brooke_vollman uploaded a now-viral video explaining how to check whether your partner has an OnlyFans account.

“Go on [OnlyFans] [and] try to sign up with your man’s email,” Vollman instructed. “If it has already been used, do what you need to do.”

The logic behind Vollman’s strategy is this: If you try to sign your partner up for an account and their email address is already registered, that means they already have an account on the website. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are actively using it, but it does mean they’ve been on it at least once before.

Many users decided to give this a try — and sadly, their relationships didn’t make it.

“Lmao thanks y’all. I found out my bfs been hiding his account from me even though I told him from the beginning I wasn’t comfortable with it!!” one person said.

“There goes my engagement,” another wrote.

“This TikTok is singlehandedly [ending] relationships,” a third commented.

Others thought Vollman’s idea was invasive and spoke to deeper trust issues in a relationship.

“Imagine invading your partner’s privacy,” one person said.

“This is kinda a very toxic behavior,” another added.

“Just talk to your partner about it,” a third commented.

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