Woman’s Story of Finally Adopting Feral Cat Is Touching So Many Hearts

If you occasionally receive a visit from feral cats because they're looking for food, you know it's not that easy to win them over. They're usually mistrusting and not used to having humans get close to them.

TikToker @sarah_made had such frequent visits that she decided to adopt this feral cat that somehow sought the comfort of a human, but it took a while. Let's check out their journey together, as Sarah posted a video on September 6.

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Aw, look at him!

As you can see, feral cats can be transformed into loving companions with patience and care.

Although he wasn't sure if he could trust Sarah, the food definitely helped to build that trust and bond.

She carefully approached him and lured him in, so to speak, with food. Although he was still terrified at first when he was inside and hid in the bathtub, he became more comfortable around Sarah, even groomed himself, and finally let his guard down so she could pet him for the first time!

What a long way to go, but so worth it!

That being said, if you have a feral cat that frequently comes for food and whom you want to adopt, make sure to approach this with caution and patience. Wear gloves that can protect you from potential bites or scratches, and once you get the feral cat to a point of feeling comfortable, certainly take it to the vet for proper evaluation.

Feral cats are at higher risk of diseases, injuries, and parasites due to their outdoor lifestyle. These risks include injuries from fights with other animals, exposure to harsh weather conditions, and the transmission of diseases such as feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

So it's important you get that feral cat checked for any parasites, as well as spay or neuter it.

However, this lovely story shows that it is totally possible to turn a feral cat into a domesticated house cat.

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