Woman spots ‘glitch in the universe’ in couple’s TikTok: ‘This is creepy’

A random video came up on a TikToker’s “For You Page” — then she noticed a “glitch in the universe.”

TikToker @enchantingsunshine was stunned when she noticed a couple in another video had the exact same bedding as her. It wasn’t that someone bought the same sheet set. It was that they bought the same items from different stores and put them together in the same way.

“Um, I think there’s been a glitch in the universe,” she said. “They have the exact same comforter, sheet and the same color blanket that I currently have on my bed.”

What was strangest was that the trio was not a matching set. The fitted sheet was green and orange plaid, the comforter was a gray and white print and the blanket a fuzzy burgundy.

“This is creepy,” she added in the captions.

Two of the items came from Target and the third from Kohl’s, she explained in the comments.

“None of it comes in a set. All three things are separate. And also none match so you wouldn’t think to choose them together,” she said.

People agreed the situation was uncanny.

“What’s wild is that none of it matches so the chances are so slim even if they’re bought from the same place,” someone said.

“It’s so random seems impossible to duplicate,” a TikToker replied.

“I have those exact sheets on my bed right now and I’m laying in it,” another added.

“I have that same comforter on my bed rn,” a user wrote.

“8 billion people, I’m sure the odds aren’t that low. Now you actually finding the video is what gets me,” a person commented.

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