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Woman sparks debate with plan to secretly re-home her husband’s dog: ‘It’s time to put your foot down’

A mom wants to secretly re-home her husband’s dog for being too aggressive.

She consulted Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for advice. Her husband got his dog before they met, and the pet was never an issue before. Now that they have a 2-year-old daughter, however, the dog’s behavior has changed and become hostile toward the toddler. But her husband doesn’t want to train or re-home the canine.

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“My husband’s dog is aggressive towards our 2-year-old and has bitten me, but he won’t let me re-home it,” she explained. “[I’m] considering doing it in secret before something really bad happens. He adopted the dog way before he even met me, and things were fine until around the time [our daughter] started walking.

“I started noticing that every time she would get close to it, it would start growling and getting really stiff. Well, turns out my daughter wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. Even something as simple as trying to pet it would cause the dog to start stiffening up and growling a little. It was very weird to me because it’s normally a very sweet dog.”

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After the dog bit the Reddit poster’s ankle, she pled with her husband to re-home the pet.

“There was an incident where I guess the dog was in a really bad mood, and it got me on my ankle,” she said. “I tried to reason with my husband about re-homing the dog to a child-free home preferably. He shook his head and insisted his buddy just needed better training. I agreed with this, but my husband has taken no steps to get this training for the dog.

“I’m scared to even have the dog in the house anymore for fear that our daughter/me will be attacked if she makes a wrong move. Being tied up outside is not the life that I want for it. I’ve come up with a slight plan to re-home the dog while my husband is on a work trip and just tell him it ran away. I feel awful and know that this dog means everything to my husband, but I just think that our daughter’s safety is just so much more important.”

Redditors felt the dog issue needed to be addressed but maybe not in secret.

“I hate this saying, but it’s time to put your foot down. Either the dog gets better training or the dog leaves,” a user said.

“You need to be firm — none of this lying and doing things behind someone’s back,” another advised.

“His family or the dog. Don’t take the risk. You can’t take the risk of the dog attacking you or your daughter,” a person wrote.

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