Woman sparks controversy with ‘cold’ behavior toward pregnant coworker: ‘I don’t care’

A 23-year-old refused to buy a gift for her pregnant coworker and it’s causing controversy at work. She wanted to set clear boundaries between her work and private life. However, her office environment had a much more intimate culture. The employee shared the incident with Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to get some answers. “Pregnant coworker said that gifts mean that I care about her baby as if it’s some kind of hint. I don’t really know her and I certainly don’t care about her baby,” she explained. “I just wanna do my work and call it a day, but they insist that I do a gift. I told pregnant woman that it’s cash or nothing”. “She said, ‘don’t bother with my ingenuity’ and said she’s going to talk to HR about me putting toxicity into the work environment ”. Others are put-off by my ‘cold’ behavior and wonder why I’m not happy for pregnant coworker". Reddit users were on the 23-year-old’s side. “You barely know this woman and owe her nothing,” someone said