Woman slams sister’s boyfriend over his ‘unacceptable’ comments about her husband: ‘He got what was coming to him’

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A woman called out her sister’s new boyfriend after he insulted her husband, but her family is furious.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her sister’s new beau is well-off, and her family was desperate to impress him. But when he mocked her husband’s profession as blue-collar work, she gave him a piece of her mind.

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“I f32 went to meet my sister’s new boyfriend,” she explained. “He comes from a well off family and he himself owns a number of assets. My parents and sister are going nuts over this ‘catch.’ They told me I had to come meet him and be polite which I am normally, but they know that I can get into arguments with guests who are….not too nice. Anyways, So, we met, we had dinner then he asked about my husband’s profession. I told him my husband was a warehouse worker.

“He looked shocked and asked about his age, I said 31….he made a face and said ‘in his 30th and works a job like ‘that’???…don’t get me wrong but I don’t understand how women put up with that…’ I looked at him confused but he continued and said ‘I mean…working from 6am to 10pm with barely enough money to pay for food and necessities….Must be frustrating to live with an ‘individual’ like that.’ My parents and sister got quiet and looked at me waiting to see how I react.

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“I just leaned back, kept my cool (which isn’t something I do normally) and said ‘No, not at all….in fact, I’m lucky to have him as my partner because looking around…I could see A LOT of High value men with low quality character and it seems like my sister just got one.’ He was shocked and my sister looked at me like WTF. He got offended and excused himself to the bathroom, didn’t even finish his dinner. My sister and parents went off on me saying I was way out of line for the s*** I said and that I just offended the dude and made him feel so uncomfortable he couldn’t even finish dinner.

“I pointed out how he insulted my husband (by extension me) and put his efforts down but they told me to get over myself and that he was telling the truth. I mean he never even met my husband what truth could he know about him? They said he must’ve meant it as a ‘stereotype’ but I thought it was still unacceptable. Anyways, we argued and I had to go home. My sister sent a series of texts berating me and calling me a jealous b and demanding an apology from me.”

Most Redditors felt the woman was right after what her sister’s boyfriend said.

“He got what he was coming to him. He’s upset because you were telling the truth. Your sister and parents are shallow as hell to pick his side,” a person replied.

“Tells you what they think of your husband if they consider what this AH said to be the truth,” another said.

“Those who dish out, should also be able to eat what they’re served in return,” a user added.

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