Woman shows why you should ‘never’ bleach your roots yourself: ‘Learned my lesson’

A woman is warning people not to bleach their roots at home after she badly damaged her hair.

TikToker @itsprincessdada issued a PSA on social media. She posted footage of her hair stylist trying to fix the mess she had made. It wasn’t pretty.

“Let this be your sign to not touch up your roots with bleach at home,” the video text read.

The hairdresser looked mortified and confused as she pulled out globs of stringy blonde hair. The more the stylist combed, the more clumps of hair seemed to fall out. Luckily, there was plenty of hair left over, so it wasn’t very noticeable.

“Goodbye never trying this again,” she wrote in the caption.

People on TikTok could, unfortunately, relate.

“When I was in high school my friend made me help her bleach her hair at home and this happened I’m still dealing with the guilt,” a user wrote.

“Did the same bro, covered it for 4 months and then got a pixie feel you, and good luck,” someone said.

“Me when I tried to turn my hair grey cause it was a trend when I was like 18,” a TikToker replied.

“Exact same thing happened to me .. U poor girl I’m so sorry. It grows back,” another commented.

“I did this and at the end, I had to shave my head and learned my lesson by that. If I want to dye my hair ever again, I’ll go to a hair dresser,” a person added.

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