Woman shows how easy it is to have your drink spiked with chilling experiment

When given a coaster at a bar, your first instinct is likely to place it under your drink to stop the glass from damaging the table beneath it. However, as Mel Hall explains in a now-viral TikTok series, a better place for that coaster is directly over the mouth of your cup. a method she suggests using to stop a potential drugging from taking place. In a follow-up video, Hall re-upped on her potentially life-saving advice by demonstrating how simple it is for someone to spike a drink right in front of your nose. Using popcorn kernels as a stand-in for the illicit substance, Hall successfully sneaks five kernels into a glass of water in under 2 minutes. Hall’s popcorn experiment has since been viewed over 1.8 million times on TikTok and nearly 4 million times on Twitter. her videos have racked up “countless” comments from people “sharing their stories about times when either something has been slipped into their drink or that of a friend. Hall says that if even one person walks away from her videos having made the conscious decision to be more vigilant and build safer habits, it will have been worth the effort