Woman Sheepishly Shares Photos of Her Teen Bedroom Featuring an Intense ‘Twlight’ Mural


When Twilight first came out, it had just about everyone in its icy cold clutches. Whether you were Team Edward or Team Jacob, that didn't matter. If you were a vampire fan, you had this movie on repeat. Many of us were teen girls when it came out, and though we're through that craze now, Twilight still holds a special place in our hearts. And there's no doubt that if any of us had this mural in our rooms when we were at the height of Twilight fever, we would have loved every second of it.

Instagrammer @kiersay took to the platform to share the ornate Twilight mural she had in her room for most of her life. It didn't get painted over until her third year anniversary with her husband, and it's a good thing that it didn't, because this thing looked absolutely stunning!

She ran things down in her video, showing off some of the coolest parts of it. On one wall, all of the artwork from each book, including the chessboard, iconic hands with an apple in them, etc. On another wall, there was a forest scene with Bella, Edward, and Jacob painted on it in the middle.

"I probably have a thousand selfies, I don't know where they are, just in front of Bella, looking up at Edward with Jacob int he back."

There was also a small wolf and Edward and Bella in the trees. Her favorite part, however, was the meadow scene that saw Bella and Edward in the grass together. She said Edward actually had sparkles on him, so that he was as glittery IRL as he was in the books.

So when you say you love Twilight, do you love Twilight enough to have a mural that takes up multiple walls of your home?

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