Woman Shares Outrageous Prices of Some of the World's Most Expensive Dogs

How much would you pay for a fur baby? Is $12,000 for a löwchen within your budget? How about $50,000 for a wolfdog or a million for a Tibetan Mastiff? @Soffie Unnie posted about the 5 most expensive dogs recently, and the first place dog is priceless and can't even be bought.

Soffie starts with the dog that tops the 5th place position when it comes to price, and in just 20 seconds counts down to the dog in first place. You can't put a price on that dog because that dog is YOUR fur baby!

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While you might think you can't afford your dream dog, whether it's a playful Löwchen, snow white Samoyed, fierce looking wolfdog, or the huge Tibetan mastiff, your dream dog is probably lying right next to you right now! I love this reminder - be grateful for what you have.

I thought this video was worth sharing because of the reminder, because people love their pets, and because it was super interesting to see just how much the world's most expensive dogs cost. It's mind blowing! We are considering getting a certain kind of puppy for our kids, and I'm having a hard time considering paying even a thousand dollars! Unfortunately, the video didn't get many views or comments. I hope it gets some traction because the message is a good one!

Just a note about having expensive pets...they're expensive to maintain, too! It's not just a one time, upfront cost. If they have to see a vet, you may have to see a specialist vet that caters to your animal's breed which can be more expensive. Grooming them may cost more.  And remember that a mutt can be just as loving as a million dollar mastiff!

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