Woman shares ‘horrifying’ voice notes she received from Tinder match after she didn’t answer his messages

Woman shares voice notes she received from Tinder match after she didn’t answer his Snapchat (TikTok / @serena._rose)
Woman shares voice notes she received from Tinder match after she didn’t answer his Snapchat (TikTok / @serena._rose)

A woman has claimed that she is “deleting Tinder forever” after sharing the “horrifying” voice notes that she received from a match about her home curtains and her new job after she did not respond to him.

Serena, a 23 year old who goes by the username @serena._rose on TikTok, recounted the interaction in a video posted this week, in which she showed the one-sided conversation that took place between the pair on Snapchat, which escalated as the man became angry she wasn’t answering him.

In the video, Serena began by explaining that she “wished [she] could make this up,” before recalling how she and the man had matched on Tinder six months ago, with the screen recording of her Snapchat showing that the man has proceeded to send her photos since, which she has not responded to.

The man, only identified as Sean, then responded to a photo of Serena on her Snapchat story, before getting angry when she did not answer.

“Really? You’re gonna go out for drinks with that guy and only send me a duck face. Wtf? Like what,” the man wrote. After she did not respond, he sent another message, in which he called Serena “toxic” for not responding.

The conversation then escalated to voice notes as Sean proceeded to criticise Serena, with his first voice note claiming that he sent her a picture of himself vaping to which she allegedly responded with a “duck face and that was it”.

“Exactly. You don’t have a response to that. That’s what I thought,” he continued. “I’m a kind, compassionate, genuine guy that wanted to take you out for dinner and drinks and get to know you but no.”

In another voice note, the man claimed that “maybe it’s because I’m vegan and I genuinely care about animals and stuff” that made her uninterested before adding in a follow-up voice note that he “sees” Serena plays the game Animal Crossing. “How’s your new job?” he added.

After playing the voice note, Serena revealed that the Animal Crossing claim was a “reference to the curtains in [her] front window”.

“Yes, I have Animal Crossing curtains in my front window,” she revealed, before explaining that she’d also recently gotten a new job and had posted one photo of her company ID card, which had had everything blocked out except for the name of the company. “So, he’s starting to know where I live and where I work. What. What. Why. Men,” she continued.

In screenshots from the conversation, after referencing her new job and her home’s curtains, the Tinder match then proceeded to claim that he is looking for a “relationship, not a hookup” and that he “genuinely thought [Serena] was beautiful, kind and outgoing”.

“I see your personality,” he continued, before claiming that he is into “peace of mind” and “nature” and being “low-key drama free”. The final messages see the man attempt to share details about his day, before he called out Serena for screenshotting the messages.

On TikTok, where Serena captioned the video: “Deleting Tinder forever,” it has been viewed more than 271,000 times, with numerous people expressing their horror over the messages.

If me and my bf break up I’m never dating a man again,” one person commented, while another said: “Literally that’s so scary.”

Someone else wrote: “‘I’m a kind, compassionate guy’ then he acts like this.”

Other viewers urged Serena to get a restraining order against the man, as one person noted that the messages were “horrifying”.

“Very smart to post, keep us updated so we know ur safe,” they added.

Others were concerned how the man knew about Serena’s curtains, with the TikToker explaining that she “posted one photo of my curtains on my story when I got them and that’s the only Animal Crossing thing I’ve posted on my Snap”. The reference also prompted some to warn the TikToker that she may have her Snapchat location on, which could lead the man to her home.

In the comments, Serena said that she has since blocked the man on Snapchat and Facebook after receiving the messages but was unable to find his Tinder profile to report it.

The Independent has contacted Serena for comment.