Woman Shares Genius Trick She Taught Dog to Prevent Water All Over the Floors

Some dogs make a huge mess when they drink water from their bowl, and Jinbe the Cane Corso is one of those dogs. Jinbe's mom calls him the 'Slobber King' and if you have one at home, you're going to want to watch this genius hack she came up with to keep him from dripping water all over the floors after he drinks from his bowl!

Jinbe's mom posted a video on Thursday, February 29th. It' only 9 seconds long and she only says a few words, but the trick is a total game changer!

Pretty smart, huh? It's such a simple way to get your dog to clean up after himself! The Cane Corso knows that "Wipe" means to dry off his very large, dripping face before he ventures away from his water bowl. Jinbe's post has been viewed almost 14 million times and has nearly 2,400 comments. People loved the idea! Max got over 56 thousand likes when they pointed out, "The little sigh LOL!" But what people really wanted to know was how she taught Jinbe to do it. And if you'd like to know how she did it, you can find it in this video she posted after all the questions about how to do it.

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People come up with some very clever hacks and how-tos that just blow my mind. And I always like to share them with others because if it helps just one other person, it's worth sharing! Does your dog get sidetracked when it goes out to do its business and you want to speed the process up? This potty hack will do it.

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People come up with some genius ways to get things done, and I love all the hacks that they share! Sometimes they're time savers and sometimes they are sanity savers, but they're always helpful and things that make you say "Why didn't I think of that?!"

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