Woman Shares Crucial Painting Tip and Its Something All Homeowners Need To Take Note On

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Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok are the top place to go for interior design inspiration in recent years with the boom of technology. Content creators within these spaces are often testing the limits and designing their spaces in ways that have never been done or seen before, broadening the world of design possibilities. While we have seen some seriously out-there ideas for design that resemble an adult fun house we have also seen some pretty minor details that have dramatic effects and are rarely done by home DIYers. Such as the design hack that the Instagram user @ourforevertnfarmhouse shared to her page; matching paint color for your interior walls to the color of your trim, creating a dramatic design effect, check it out!

When it comes to painting we have seen some pretty incredible hacks that make the job a lot easier, because, well let's face it… it's kinda the most dreaded task of any home renovation or DIY project. We have seen genius ways of getting lint off paint rollers, painting baseboards the foolproof way, and the secret weapon for painting window trim without spending hours of time masking the glass off. And although this isn’t a hack to make the job easier, it makes your designing your homes aesthetic much easier.

The woman explains in her video that when painting your walls you should also be painting the trim the same color, this creates a even backsplash for your furnishings, art, and other material you are placing into the room. As well it makes the room seem bigger and the walls taller, instead of breaking the space up.

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