Woman sees Hinge dating app notification on boyfriend’s phone and wonders if he’s cheating

A woman accidentally saw a Hinge notification on her boyfriend’s phone and is worried that he’s using the dating app behind her back.

The woman took to Reddit’s “Hinge App” forum seeking input on whether the situation should be a cause for concern for the future of her relationship.

Providing context, the woman explained that while she’s “a big fan of Hinge,” she hasn’t used it since meeting her boyfriend through mutual friends three years ago.

After prefacing that she’s not one to look through her partner’s phone and doesn’t know his password, the woman relayed that recently, when she was checking to see what time it was, she mistook her boyfriend’s phone for hers.

However, the woman’s innocent mistake led to an unpleasant discovery when she saw a notification from Hinge on the screen, saying someone liked her boyfriend’s profile.

“Does this mean he still has the app or even still actively uses the app? Why is he still getting notifications if we’re in a monogamous relationship? Should I be worried? Am I overreacting?” the woman asked in her post.

“I immediately confronted him,” she added, “and he said he deleted the app a long time ago, but I don’t understand why people are still liking his profile.”

“You can’t get a notification if the app isn’t on the phone.”

Unfortunately, Reddit users had some difficult news to share with the post’s author.

“You can’t get a notification if the app isn’t on the phone. If you’re 100% certain you saw a notification that says, ‘X liked you! Match to continue the conversation,’ on his phone, then your guy is lying,” one user explained.

“He’s on Hinge. I can’t imagine what it feels like to be in a three-year relationship and have that happen, but you need to accept it and act accordingly. Hinge also only puts profiles in front of people that are active. If someone hadn’t used the app in two to three years, there [would be] no way they’d be putting that in front of active users. He’s on it,” echoed one Redditor.

“There’s always the 0.000001% chance that—to this day—he hasn’t deleted the app for sentimental reasons. [Or he] never paused [because] he wasn’t getting tons of matches anyways, and then some girl he liked three years ago just got back into the dating market and happened to match him,” shared one Reddit user, trying to offer some hope before ultimately admitting, “But it’s a reach.”

A single notification from a dating app doesn’t necessarily indicate someone is cheating. However, based on the response from Redditors, the woman is valid in her concerns.

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