Woman reveals the perks of living on ‘family commune’ farm: ‘Why would you not live this way?’

A woman is boasting about her “family commune,” complete with built-in babysitters and breakfast burritos.

TikToker @lmackw says most people think she’s crazy when she tells them her entire family shares a property. Then she fills them in on some of the perks.

“Everybody always thinks I’m absolutely insane when I tell them my whole family lives on one farm,” she said. “But let me just explain to you what we got going on here.”

She lives next door to her best friend, her two siblings and their families and her parents. Not to mention, she was on her way to her parents’ house because her dad picked up breakfast burritos for everyone.

“Built in babysitters, access to fresh eggs and meat 24/7 and don’t have to travel for holidays,” she wrote in the caption.

People applauded the family’s lifestyle choice and the clip racked up 5.5 million views.

“The ‘village’ we are supposed to have. Literally,” a TikToker replied.

“In the south, we call that living in a holler because you can holler from one house to the other,” another said.

“No, I love this, as long as there are healthy boundaries, this is incredible!!!” a person commented.

“This is the life I’d create if I was wealthy. I couldn’t care less about fancy cars and name brands,” someone added.

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