Woman removes boyfriend's armpit hair in hilarious video

Let's just say he did not enjoy the experience.

Video Transcript

- No, no. Quit your [INAUDIBLE].

Harry's got a new machine called the emulator something. What's it called?

- Epilator. And she saying, no. So I'm just going to just let her do my armpit to prove that it don't hurt. Is that all right? Whoa, oh my god. What the-- Look at that. What? [INAUDIBLE] going to be so long. Quick.

Oh no. That's a sensation, isn't it? Oh my god. Just do one there. Do one. Do it.

What did you do, sir? Do the fast bit. Is that not the fast bit that's going off? I can't do any more. It feels like-- it feels like it's like grabbing into my skin. I'll leave the epilating to you. No, hats off to you. You're stronger than me. You're stronger than me.