Woman Removes Back Padding From Dining Chairs To Create Unique Look and People Are Mixed on the Results

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As we know, furniture is quite versatile. If you're a furniture flipper, you know how much you could do with a piece of furniture, whether that's a dresser or a table. And while some people have doubt, don't let it discourage you from finishing your DIY project.

That's how DIYer Geneva Vanderzeil felt as she did a questionnaire on a DIY project involving thrifted dining chairs she wanted to modernize, as she posted on her Instagram, and the opinions were quite polarized.

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Wow! Although opinions are split, I think it looks good. However, I'm not sure how comfortable they are, but if you sit at a dining table, you never really lean back, right?

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With her vision in mind for her little dining area, Geneva scored these 1980s vintage dining chairs from Facebook Marketplace, which were only $40.

However, the style didn't really match her interior. Although they were structurally sound, they had dated and worn-out upholstery and backrests. So she looked for some more modern inspiration and decided to remove the backrests as well as change the upholstery.

Geneva started by first cutting into the joints by the arch of the chairs and, that way, removing the backrests. Then she gave the chairs a good sanding to create a smooth surface and to remove the old orange varnish.

Once they were sanded smooth, she inserted a hole, using a drill bit, into the joints of each chair, applied some wood glue, and used dowels to reattach the arch back to the chairs.

After the joints were reattached, Geneva decided to give them an oak wood finish and focus on repolstering the seats. She opted for round seats, which she covered in cushions and different types of fabric.

And there you have it: modernized backless dining chairs that sure complement her dining table.

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