Woman Removed From Plane For Refusing to Put Dog in Carrier

For one woman, not listening to a flight attendant got her removed from a plane…and her little dog, too!

The incident was captured on camera by another passenger and posted on Youtube by user MrAdownie. The video begins with text explaining that the woman’s dog had been snapping at the crew, and as a result, she was asked to put the pet back in its carrier.

She refused, called the flight attendant a name, and the plane, which was from Salt Lake City to Chicago, returned to the gate instead of taking off. That’s when things escalated.

Police were waiting at the gate when the airplane arrived, and when an officer boarded the plane, the dog owner got defensive.

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“The captain’s requesting that you get off the flight,” said the officer. “And you have to take your dog with you.”

Finally realizing the severity of the situation, the dog owner replied, “I want my money back before I get off this plane.”

After a few moments, another officer boarded the plane and the duo physically removed the screaming woman and her pet. “Don’t you take my dog,” she yelled. “If you take my dog, I’m going to sue this country.”

A spokesperson for United Airlines told MailOnline that “The passenger was removed by local law enforcement, and the flight continued to Chicago.”


A dog traveling in style in “Cuddle Class.” (Photo: American Airlines)

Pets on planes can be a touchy subject. Remember this woman whose pig was kicked off the plane? Well, American Airlines may have a solution to prevent incidents like this from happening to their passengers. The airline has introduced a brand new option for jet-setting pets: The “Cuddle Class” is a special compartment that can be reserved for pets sitting in First Class, and accommodates animals traveling in 19-inch by 13-inch carriers.

The small cabin is adjacent to the owners First Class seat and allows customers and their pets to travel more comfortably.

“Cuddle Class” must be reserved when you book your flight and costs the $125 carry-on fee usually charged for pets.

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