A Woman Received the $4,500 Viral Le Creuset Set for Christmas & Her Unboxing Is Going Viral

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Someone Bought The Viral 157-Piece Le Creuset SetTikTok

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The biggest flex in any kitchen is having a Le Creuset product on display. Whether you own a workhorse Dutch oven, a Taylor Swift-approved tea kettle, or the viral heart-shaped cocottes, Le Creuset makes cooking more colorful. But it comes at a cost (and often a steep one).

It’s no secret that Le Creuset products don’t come cheap. So when it was revealed last October that Costco was selling a 157-piece set of kitchenware for $4,500, the Internet went crazy. The set included several Dutch ovens, dinnerware, cooking utensils, baking dishes, and even matching salt and pepper grinders.

If you do the math, each piece costs around $28. However, once you consider the fact that lids count as individual pieces and that the whole thing costs more than several Louis Vuitton handbags, the deal doesn’t sound quite as enticing.

The idea of a 157-piece Le Creuset collection is our dream—but for one TikTok user it became a reality. User @.valpac shared a video showing off the Costco set she received as a Christmas gift from her husband. She took the liberty of unboxing every single product and laying it out. And it’s safe to say that it looks just as magnificent as it did on Costco’s website.

The set arrived on a literal wood pallet, as mentioned in the original viral post on X. TikTok users shared in @.valpac’s excitement in the comments section. “This is what dreams are made of,” said one user.

Another TikTok user chimed in with, “How does it feel? To be the chosen one?” And, hilariously, one commenter asked, “Does your husband have a single brother?”

If we’re never going to have Le Creuset-filled kitchen, we’ll happily live vicariously through this extremely lucky Costco member.

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