Woman recalls nightmare experience with 'landlords from hell': 'This was a colossal mistake'

Alex Lasker

A former tenant of a Chicago apartment building shared details on her nightmare experience with her borderline-stalker landlord in a now-viral post.

The woman took to Reddit’s “Let’s Not Meet” forum on July 20 to share the harrowing tale, which she says took place in her early 20s when she “wasn’t making much money.”

It was then that she happened upon a listing for the top floor of a large duplex apartment listed for just $775 a month, which seemed “too good to be true.”

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“The agent who showed me the apartment stressed to me that the landlords were very religious,” the woman wrote in her post. “I didn’t have a problem with that, even if it did sound a little ominous.”

At first, the new tenant said she had a cordial relationship with her landlords — an elderly couple and their son, who all occupied the first floor of the duplex.

“When I saw them in the yard they would smile at me,” she wrote. “I took good care of the house. Then when they saw I was having my boyfriend over things started to get really weird.”

Quickly after that first run-in, her relationship with her landlords soured.

“One day I was in my office writing,” she recalled. “I hear a knock at the door. I open it and it’s the old lady from downstairs. Before I can say hello, she says, ‘Have you ever gotten an abortion?’ I shut the door in her face…This was a colossal mistake.”

The tenant went on to explain that her landlord had access to her apartment through a staircase, that led directly from the top floor of the duplex into the elderly couple’s living room — and one day, she caught her landlord spying on her through the entry way.

“I was in my kitchen cooking,” she said. “My boyfriend was at work and I was by myself when I heard what sounded like the click of a door. I didn’t really make the connection it could have been the door that led into their living room…I look down the staircase leading to their house and the neighbor lady is standing there staring me down. I screamed. She flinched and stepped back into her apartment and swung the door shut.”

From there, the living situation began to spiral even further.

“After that, every time I left the house (and I spent every possible moment out of the house after that incident), I would come back and something would have been moved,” she revealed. “A window would be shut. Once, the shower was dripping and my towel was damp. I couldn’t lock the door because since it was technically a door to their house, they were the only ones with the key. The knocking got so frequent (three or four times a day) that me and my boyfriend propped up an old mattress so we wouldn’t have to hear it while we slept.”

Things came to a head after the tenant’s bathroom flooded one day when she wasn’t even home, “like somebody left a faucet on or the shower on.”

“The old woman, seeing that I had come home, came upstairs and knocked, screaming at me that I had flooded the bathroom and that her son had to come fix it,” she wrote. “I was so run down at this point that I just told her it was OK. Her son comes by a few hours later. He is s***faced. I open the door and tell him that I need an hour or so before he comes and he picks something up and swings it at me. It was a massive wrench. I somehow duck out of the way and he stumbles over. I book it down the newly repaired stairs as quickly as possible and call the police. They come by and take down a complaint but claim since there was no physical contact they can’t do anything (?). I learn later that the old couple has a daughter on the force.”

The woman and her boyfriend had had enough at that point, and decided to completely move out of the duplex in the middle of the night to avoid being seen.

“We lived in hotels and the van for a month until we found another house,” she wrote. “They never attempted to contact us again.”

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