Woman reaches breaking point over her husband’s homemade lunch requests: ‘Your husband is a grown man’

A woman is fed up with her husband. She used to pack his lunch every morning before work, but after a recent argument, she is now refusing to do the task. He thinks it’s unfair.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her husband gets up at 5:30 a.m. and forces her to wake up with him so she can make him lunch. The issue is she isn’t a morning person and doesn’t think it’s necessary for her to freshly prepare lunches every morning.

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“My husband works long days,” she wrote. “He sets his alarm for 5:30 a.m. every morning. We don’t actually get up right when the alarm goes off — we generally push snooze until it’s 6 or 6:30 a.m. Lately, I have been having trouble sleeping, yet my husband insists that I get up with him so I can make his work lunch.

“Well, today, I had a particularly hard time getting up. And while getting up, I was in a fog. So I moved slower than normal. I had decided to give him leftover pasta salad and make him a sandwich to go with it. While I was in the kitchen, he received three emergency calls, which meant he had to leave before I could finish packing his lunch.”

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The couple soon got into an argument, and she refused to make him any lunches the following week.

“I hadn’t even pulled out the salad yet due to having trouble finding any deli meat for his sandwich,” she explained. “He began rushing me and telling me, ‘This is why I pester you to get up. Did you even start on my lunch?’ I snapped and said, ‘Well, maybe you should be a man and pack your own lunch from now on! That’s what our family member who has the same job does!’ My husband snapped back, ‘Well, I’m not him, and you’re not his wife!'”

“I said, ‘Glad that’s clear. Either way, expect me not to get up at all next week. Pack your own lunch from now on.’ I know a lot of this was said in frustration, but I admit I do envy the family members who are in the same positions as us. The wife and I are both stay-at-home moms with toddlers, yet she’s not expected to always pack her husband’s lunch. He just grabs whatever’s in the fridge or preps it at night, so he can grab and go the next morning. I tried doing that for my husband, and he complained about it not being fresh.”

Redditors felt the husband was acting immature.

“Your husband is a grown man; he can pack his own damn lunch,” a user commented.

“Husband is a literal baby. How hard is it to pack a lunch?” another stated.

“His attitude is not one a grown man has. It shows some real immaturity on his part,” a person wrote.

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