Woman raises concerns over her boyfriend’s ‘mama’s boy’ behavior: ‘This is going to be your future life’

A woman is concerned her boyfriend will always be a mama’s boy.

She asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to weigh in. Her live-in boyfriend is a “mama’s boy” who refuses to do anything that upsets his mother. This includes marrying her and planning their future together. The Reddit poster is wondering if her boyfriend will ever change.

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“My boyfriend (30 y/o) and I (F, 34 y/o) have lived together for three years,” she wrote. “His mom is disruptive about our time and space, but he allows it. Recently we have talked a lot about marriage and buying a house.”

The issue is that whenever they discuss their future plans together, he is scared his mother will object.

“When we talked about engagement/wedding, his first words were, ‘I don’t know how I’m gonna tell my mom,’ or ‘No, we can’t do that; imagine what my mom is gonna think.’ I have second thoughts about spending my life with someone so dependent and spooked about his mom. Any idea how to approach this?” she asked.

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People didn’t think the couple had any real future if he was unwilling to change.

“This is going to be your future life unless HE actively chooses to change it,” a user commented.

“As someone that was in his shoes, he needs to go to therapy. He isn’t going to be a functional adult until he deals with this,” another wrote.

“Break up with him and find someone with a spine and a mind of his own,” someone recommended.

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