Woman raids 12-year-old sister’s private beauty stash and is shocked by what she finds

People are cracking up (and also slightly jealous) after one TikToker brought viewers on a tour of her 12-year-old sister’s beauty stash.

While most of us might have owned a few Lip Smackers and Bath & Body Works sprays at that age, this tween is hoarding some pricey and highly coveted products that most adults don’t even have.

“This is my 12-year-old sister’s bathroom,” says Gabrielle (@gabrielletravaglia), a 23-year-old Pilates instructor from New York.

As she pans her camera through the shower, the woman reveals stacks of shampoos, conditioners and body scrubs from premium beauty brands like Drunk Elephant and Monday.

“When I was 12, you were lucky if I even washed my hair,” Gabrielle jokes before making her way to the bathroom vanity.

“She’s got this CereVe duo and then her skin fridge,” the TikToker continues. “Let’s have a look inside.”

There, she finds cooling eye gel patches, scented hand sanitizers and even some face rollers. (You know, to ward off any stress wrinkles that middle school might give her.)

Once Gabrielle moves on to her little sister’s bedroom, things get even better.

“Here we have her beautiful vanity,” the TikToker says, revealing another arsenal of high-end products neatly organized inside a multi-tiered makeup box.

“We’ve got Drunk Elephant galore [and] Stila,” she continues, adding that even she doesn’t own any of these products.

Before the tour ends, Gabrielle heads back to her sister’s bathroom, where she discovers even more goodies under the bathroom sink — from Chanel makeup to luxe beauty butters that her sister hasn’t even taken out of the packaging.

It’s basically a walk through a mini Sephora, all housed in one 12-year-old’s bathroom.

“What’s with middle schoolers using DRUNK ELEPHANT,” one TikToker asked in the comments. “My mind can’t fathom it.”

“I had to BEG my mom to buy me proactive and these kids have drunk elephant and a skin care fridge,” said another.

“I’m 20 years older than her and I don’t have any drunk elephant,” someone else pointed out.

But most people had one burning question for Gabrielle: Who pays for this stuff?

“Um what does she do for a living,” one person asked.

“So what you’re saying is your little sister is rich,” another person joked.

“Where she got the money for all this???” someone else wrote.

While Gabrielle doesn’t answer those questions, it makes you wonder what kind of allowance her kid sister gets. (Not to mention how many beauty tutorials she watches on TikTok.)

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