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Woman questions mannequins wearing ‘granny panties’ under thong underwear: ‘Only in Utah’

A woman is wondering why the clothing stores in Utah display their thongs a certain way.

TikToker @whataboutaub couldn’t help but notice that the mannequins’ bottoms were completely covered up. It was almost as if they weren’t allowed to show any plastic “cheek.”

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“Only in Utah will you find mannequins for underwear where the thong is wearing ‘granny panties’ underneath,” she said.

There were tons of mannequins in the lingerie section of the clothing store. Each one had about three pairs of underwear on it. First, a full coverage pair, a bikini style pair and finally, a thong placed over it.

The TikToker suggested that the reason for the layers was modesty, joking that one mannequin with a bit of visible cheek was “racy.” Perhaps because Utah is a conservative state. But some suggested it was an underwear display style.

“It’s definitely so they can show you all the different types of coverage each pair offers,” a person wrote.

“That’s common where I live too, it’s to show multiple styles on a single mannequin,” another suggested.

“I’ve lived in Utah my whole life I’ve never once seen this,” a TikToker said.

“Yep I live in Utah and it’s pretty normal to see this But it’s also exciting to see you when they actually wear them properly on the mannequins,” someone added.

“I kinda like it! It’s easier to understand the amount of coverage that way!” a user commented.

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