Woman puts teen sister on blast for her ‘Euphoria’-like wardrobe

A woman couldn’t believe her teen sister’s wardrobe. So she rated some of the clothing.

TikToker Caroline Varelli was absolutely stumped when she went into her younger sister Addie’s bedroom looking for hair tinsel. Instead, Varelli said she got a “jumpscare” when she saw Addie’s garments.

Varelli tried on one of Addie’s pink cropped corsets and couldn’t believe it was almost entirely sheer.

“This is how people are showing up to 10th-grade English now?” she joked. “I know this is public school, but this is not Euphoria.

She said the next crop top was even worse. The fabric felt like cheap paper and was even shorter and more see-through.

“She is in high school. Where is this being worn?” Varelli asked about another heart-shaped crop top that might be suitable for a theme party.

She tried on a couple more cropped bustiers that she dubbed “Rockstar Barbie” but didn’t feel any more appropriate.

People in the comments also wondered where the high school sophomore could go like that.

“As the youngest sister… I can say on her behalf. Leave it be,” a TikToker replied.

“My Mother would let out an audible gasp if I wore most of these out anywhere… I’m 30 years old,” a person wrote.

“In tenth grade the spiciest thing I owned was knee high socks,” a user said.

“Do I love her shirts? yes. Do I have some questions? Also yes,” another said.

“As a high school teacher, yes. This is how people are showing up to 10th grade ELA. I teach 9th grade and they regularly wear stuff like this,” someone added.

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