TikTok users are freaking out over this woman's 'concerning' cooking video: 'What is that?’

A woman is turning heads online after sharing a video of what she feeds her “kids” for dinner.

Thankfully the woman, a TikTok user named Christine Boyd, calls her dogs her “kids.” That said, her meal-prep video, which has blown up across social media, does not make that fact very clear at first.

Boyd’s clip is basically an accidental prank. It begins with a full 45 seconds of her mixing strange — and to some commenters, “concerning,” ingredients together in a crockpot.

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The TikToker blends “scraps” of chicken, several pounds of ground turkey, multiple sweet potatoes, brown rice, chicken broth, cinnamon and parsley. It’s only in the final moments of her video that she reveals this strange concoction is actually for her dogs.

A version of Boyd’s video, which has drawn more than 5.2 million views on Twitter, sums up the twist pretty well. In the clip, a TikTok user named quentinagerr hilariously reacts to the meal in realtime.

Like many viewers, quentinagerr starts the video completely bewildered. In his mind, Boyd’s meal is for her actual kids.

“Is your kids alright? What in the … girl. What type of appetite do your kids have,” quentinagerr says in his clip.

The TikToker proceeds to fully scream as Boyd adds her meal to a pair of dog bowls, before finally realizing what her “kids” really are.

“Oh, it’s for the dogs,” he says, laughing hysterically.

The clip has drawn all sorts of reactions from social media users. Many commenters expressed their sheer shock in realizing the meal wasn’t for actual children.

“I was about to sue you,” one user joked.

“The biggest plot twist in history,” another wrote.

“GURL YOU GOTTA SPECIFY,” another added.

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