Woman Makes Wood Block Coffee Table Everyone Will Obsess Over


If there's one piece of furniture that we can't get enough of, it's the wooden coffee table. These items, if they have a simplistic design, fit in every type of interior aesthetic and they always become a staple!

This table design project by Instagram user Leyi (@leyi_silva_) has become one of our all time favorite pieces yet. This wooden block coffee table checks all of our boxes for DIY projects and we cannot wait to give this one a try. Watch as she explains exactly how to make one yourself!

It may seem like an intimidating project at first but we promise you can do this! Even if you don't have your own saw at home, you can easily go to a hardware store and ask them to cut your pieces for you. That's what this creator did!

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Her goal was to build a wooden block-esque coffee table centerpiece for her living room but since she didn't actually have any wood block pieces, she had to improvise and it turned out so well.

Starting at Home Depot, she asked the employees to cut the wood for her so she didn't have to do it on her own. For the table legs, she bought pieces of yellow wood and had them cut the wood into twelve pieces with the dimensions of 2x10x12. For the top piece, she bought another piece of yellow wood and had that cut into four pieces with the dimensions of 2x12x45.

Once she got home, she used wood glue to secure everything together. For the legs, she glued the twelve pieces together into pairs so she had six total at the end. For the top, she glued the four pieces together in a row.

To keep the top together and as sturdy as possible, she bought two 24 inch galvanized strap ties and laid them across the entire tabletop, drilling them into place. She then drilled the legs to the underside of the tabletop using metal brackets.

To give the piece a rustic look, she used a drill to carve in small scratches and dents across the tabletop and wiped off the excess sawdust. Finally, she could get started on the finish.

Her first coat was Behr's wood stain in White Wash Pickling and after that layer she added the final stain, which was Behr's wood stain in Early American. After that last coat, she wiped off the excess stain to reveal the gorgeous brown shade underneath.

All done! This piece is gorgeous.

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