Woman Makes a ‘Copycat’ of Her Living Room for Her Cat and It’s an Exact Replica

A woman online is taking her love for her cat to a whole new level. But secretly, we totally sort of get it. Kylen of Los Angeles had some extra space in her living room, so she decided to use it in the only way that made sense — by making an even smaller replica of her living room just for her cat Hiro to use.

Call this the purr-fect use of free space because we love how this cat mama got a little creative for her bestie.

As Kylen herself explained in the clip, she had an empty space in her apartment and had no idea how to fill it. She could have added some plants, fancied it up with some knick-knacks, or used it for extra storage. But the idea she landed on is so much better.

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"And then I thought, 'copy-cat living room,'" she explained in the clip.

You read that right. She decided to make a teeny, tiny living room for her cat that looked just like her human-sized one. First she bought a cat staircase so that Hiro could climb up to his soon-to-be favorite spot. Then came a cat-sized white couch, tiny rug, small floor lamp, plant, and she even added some artwork to the wall. It was a masterpiece if you ask us!

After finishing her work, the next step was trying to figure out how to get Hiro to use it. Kylen may have needed some treats to help her little guy get up his new cat staircase, but eventually he got the hang out it and now loves his new space.

"This is the best thing I’ve ever done," Kylen added in the video's caption.

Preparing Your Home for a Cat

Not everyone is going to have the free space that Kylen did to make her cat's mini-me living room. But you do want to get your home nice and ready if you're looking into getting a cat of your own.

As far as the basics go, every cat needs a food and water bowl, a comfortable bed, a kitty litter tray (that is placed away from their food and water), and some cat food. You'll also want to get a scratching post, a brush for their fur, cat toys, and a sturdy, well-ventilated cat carrier. 

When you bring your cat home, make sure their space is private, clean, free from hazardous materials, or things that can be knocked over. Make sure you give your cat a hiding space — like a cardboard box on a tall piece of furniture. Place your cat's essential items around their new space and add in some fun toys or puzzles for them too! It's important to make your house feel like a home for your new addition. Focusing on these few simple items is a great way to start.

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