Woman loses her phone and finds hilarious videos on her camera roll from stranger who found it

TikToker Paige Tegan (@paige.tegan) discovered a series of hilarious videos on her camera roll from a stranger after finding her lost phone.

While losing your phone is a stressful experience, fortunately, there are good Samaritans who will go the extra mile to return it. Some will even record a video to reassure the phone’s owner of their good intentions. This is what happened to Tegan, who received several video messages after a man named Myles found her phone in a taxi. Tegan posted the videos that Myles recorded to her TikTok, and viewers feel as if the scenario belongs in a romantic comedy.

At the beginning of the clip, captioned “Please help me find Myles,” Myles introduces himself from the taxi.

“Hello, I am the man who has found your phone,” Myles says.

Myles assures Tegan that he’ll go through all the necessary channels to return her phone, but “not in a weird way.”

After Myles cracks a few more jokes, the clip cuts to another shot of Myles addressing the camera in a taxi.

“I’ve got a Subway [sandwich], and I’ve got your phone,” he says, holding up a sandwich.

The video gets progressively more silly and nonsensical. Myles and his friend show off the art displayed in their home and discuss Ricky Gervais’s tie on the TV before the video ends with him singing to a half-eaten sandwich.

TikTokers were ‘shipping’ these two

Viewers found Myles’ goofy video series endearing and were rooting for him and Tegan to make it to #couplestatus.

“And that, kids, is how I met your father,” one user joked.

“Why do I purposely want to lose my phone?” asked one TikToker.

“We need more people like him in the world,” one viewer commented.

While viewers might be waiting a while for a relationship status update, Tegan, fortunately, has her phone back.

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