A woman living in the Arctic Circle just shared how she walks her dogs

Walking your dog in Svalbard is not the same as walking your dog in, say, Florida. Svalbard, a chain of Norwegian islands located well inside the Arctic Circle, experiences total darkness for several months of the year. Add heavy snow, way-below-freezing temperatures and the threat of polar bears, and you’ve got a pretty tough walk on your hands. That’s what Svalbard resident Cecilia Blomdahl experiences each day. In a now-viral TikTok video, Blomdahl reveals what it’s like to prepare herself — and her pups — for a stroll. it’s currently “pitch-black 24/7” outside her home. That means her dogs are basically “invisible” when she walks them — even at 4 p.m. Blomdahl decks the pups out in high-visibility collars, bright vests and plenty of blinking lights. As for herself, she wears a headlamp and many, many, layers of warm clothes. The dog owner said she has to bring a gun with her due to the threat of polar bears. TikTok users seemed stunned by the amount of work behind Blomdahl’s daily routine. “I’m sorry. RIFLE? POLAR BEARS?” one commenter reacted