Woman is livid after mother-in-law criticizes her parenting in front of kids: ‘Extremely rude’

A mom isn’t sure if she lost her cool after her in-laws “criticized her parenting.”

She went on Reddit to rant about the situation. One day, her mother-in-law and father-in-law dropped by. Her husband spoke to his parents about “not contradicting” he and his wife’s parenting in front of their kids in the past. But the mother-in-law seemed to ignore the warning this time around.

When the kids were standing on the couch with no shoes, the mom reminded them that shoes don’t belong on the sofa. The mother-in-law immediately contradicted her and told the kids it was OK.

The eldest son, who was already having issues with authority, then refused to take off his shoes. The mom was “livid.” Her husband tried talking to his mother, but they argued. The mom then confronted her mother-in-law.

“I told her to never undermine me in front of the children again,” the Reddit poster wrote. “She started saying something about needing to spoil her grandkids but I cut her off and asked her if she understood what I said.”

The mother-in-law went off and cried in the bathroom. Now, the Reddit poster’s husband is upset.

People on Reddit felt the mother-in-law caused the conflict here.

“Grandma needs a time out,” a user commented.

“You didn’t overreact,” another wrote.

“It is extremely rude to criticize another person’s parenting,” a person said.

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