Woman leaves TikTok users speechless with ‘mind-blowing’ cooking hack: ‘My life is changed forever’

In recent weeks, TikTok has been a gold mine for kitchen-based hacks. Users have shared their tips for separating egg whites, making a spice rack with marbles and removing the excess moisture from a dishwasher.

Now, TikToker Moriel Beth Obertann (@morielbethobertanner) has added to the trend with her own viral kitchen hack. It shows how to cut herbs quickly and efficiently — with a cheese grater.

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Obertann’s clip, which now has more than 1 million views, shows a pair of hands slicing cilantro. Instead of chopping them (or ripping them, like this lazy writer), the person runs the herb through their cheese grater, shredding up the leaves in seconds.

Many TikTok users were obsessed with the hack. Some called it “genius” or “mind-blowing.”

“What? I’m doing this from now on,” one user wrote.

“My life is changed forever,” another added.

“Brilliant,” another wrote.

Others were less impressed, however. Some users explained that they enjoyed the flavor of keeping in the stems — and that removing them “ruins” herbs.

“But wait! The stems have all the flavor. You’re throwing away the wrong part,” one user wrote.

“Why are y’all encouraging this?” another asked.

Either way, the hack certainly offers something different to her-cutting process. Also, if you’re like this writer — who never uses his cheese grater — it’s at least an excuse to give your kitchen gadgets a little TLC.

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