Woman harbors secret crush on roommate

BuzzFeed writer Stephen LaConte once

again opened up his DMs on social

media to people looking for advice.

This time, an anonymous woman wrote

in about an emotional dilemma she

was having with her roommate.

"I have a bit of a crush (okay maybe a big one) on my roommate, who is also female," the woman said.

"In the last year that we've lived together we've gotten super close and now

consider each other best friends.

I get some flirty vibes from her,

although she's not outwardly bi (but

has admitted to finding women attractive).

I'm trying to approach things carefully,

but I'm also a very honest person and I

don't like keeping my feelings buried".

In his reply, LaConte first addresses the ambiguity of the roommate's sexual orientation.

"If she does say she's straight, you need to take her at her word on that. 'Flirty vibes' are not sufficient evidence to the contrary".

LaConte explains that the fact that

they live together complicates

things further. If they weren't.

it would be easier to "throw caution

to the wind" and admit her feelings.

LaConte concludes with advising

that she "sit with her feelings"

for longer before confessing