Woman gets engaged to ‘random guy’ she met on TikTok: 'Let’s do it!'

TikToker Ashley Alyce (@ashleyalyce) shared the moving and surprising story of how she met her fiancé on TikTok.

Sometimes love finds us in the most surprising places! Alyce is a TikToker who unexpectedly found love on TikTok. In a viral video that’s logged more than 1.6 million views, Alyce shared the story of how one TikTok comment led to her going on vacation with a man she’d never met, which eventually led to their engagement.

The post begins with a video Alyce recorded more than a year ago, before she had ever met her fiancé in person.

“Finally posting this one year later,” she writes in a caption.

“So, I commented on this guy’s TikTok that popped up on my ‘For You’ page about him needing to go on vacation because he had too many days built up at his company,” Alyce explains, staring excitedly into the camera. “I told him he can come to Miami with me as a joke, and he’s like, ‘Oh, when?’”

Alyce looks incredulous, as though she can’t believe the man’s response.

“He messages me, and then yesterday he told me that he bought a ticket to Miami and he’s going to Miami the same day I’m going,” Alyce exclaims. “This is to meeting some random person in Miami that I met on TikTok. Let’s do it!”

Then the video cuts to Alyce the next day.

“Three more days!” she says excitedly, as she counts down the days until she meets her mysterious TikTok stranger.

Finally, the big day arrives and Alyce travels to Miami, where she records several nervous videos as she awaits the TikToker. After hours of waiting due to his flight getting delayed, Alyce finally meets Kellen, her TikTok stranger.

Not only do the two get along well, but Kellen even shows up in a homemade T-shirt commemorating the event!

“Random vacation with TikTok person,” the shirt reads on the front. Meanwhile the back features a screenshot of Alyce in one of her TikTok videos and jokingly directs people to search for her if Kellen mysteriously turns up dead.

The video ends with Alyce and Kellen grinning at the camera. In a caption, Alyce explains that she and Kellen are now engaged!

“He was husband material from the shirt alone.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the TikTok couple’s adorable love story.

“He was husband material from the shirt alone,” one viewer wrote.

“TikTok has really brought some amazing couples together,” another TikToker commented.

“What an incredible story and the shirt is gold!” another viewer wrote.

Who knew a single TikTok comment could be so life changing?

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