Woman Gets Another Cat for Her 'Lonely' Bengal and Her Plan Backfires Miserably

Hopefully they'll finally warm up to each other.

One of the first things that come to a pet owner's mind when they see their furry friend sad and lonely is to get another pet. We tend to love this idea because well, who doesn't want another fur bestie in the house? But if you want to go this route, you really need to consider if your current pet will be comfortable. 

TikTok user @k8lyn1738 noticed her Bengal Cat was feeling a little down. She thought her cat might've been lonely. So to cheer her up, she decided to bring home another cat. And well, let's just say her plan didn't go quite as she was expecting.

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Aww! We know how hard it must be to see the Bengal Cat not liking her new sibling, but we have a feeling that will change eventually. Just give them some time!  

"New cat is determined to make old cat love them," commented @gwenrhosyn. Right?! The new cat kept going over to get some snuggles. Ugh, one day baby, one day! "They'll get used to each other eventually," added @backw00d.barbie3. We really do believe that! 

Several TikTok users flooded the comment section saying she should've introduced them correctly, but she did! She said she kept them separated for over a week. @sweetchick621 wrote, "Just a note to everyone saying, 'Did you properly introduce them?!?' You can properly introduce them and they still react this way." True! That's why even after being separated, you should always keep a close watch on them. Just to be safe! 


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