Woman forced to spend 'nonrefundable' 2-week vacation with ex-boyfriend: Don't 'book vacations with bfs too far in advance'

Sometimes you just can’t shake your ex. It can seem like fate keeps bringing you back together — for better or worse.

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TikToker @sadgirlhours3344 revealed she was forced to spend two weeks on vacation with her ex-boyfriend. The pair expected they would still be an item when the vacation came around. But the duo split and couldn’t cancel the trip.

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“When you break up, but the trip was nonrefundable,” the video caption read.

She and her boyfriend were lounging on the sand at the beach next to one another. Things looked awkward, to say the least.

The viral video racked up 12.7 million views and 2.5 million likes. Fortunately, the TikToker was in good company because so many people shared their experiences with the same problem.

“Ooof, currently dealing with this as well,” someone responded.

“This was almost me and bf on our cruise, but then [we] got back together and then got pregnant so still couldn’t go lmao,” a user said.

“I’ve learned from experience not to book vacations with bfs too far in advance. Going to Universal at the end of this month,” another wrote.

“Lmao at least he didn’t ask you for your ticket so he could take his new girlfriend,” a TikToker added.

“Literally this happened, but I took a friend in his place. She was happy that she got to go for free,” a person commented.

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