Woman Fixes Awkward Gaps in Cabinetry With Cheap Solution

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Savvy homeowner Marian Holden might be your average woman next door. However, she proves that everyone has a bit of genius in them when faced with the right challenge—our homes.

Marian has recently set the home and garden enthusiast circles abuzz with her smart, affordable, and simple solution for fixing awkward gaps in her cabinetry. Better yet, this quick-fix hack doesn't require any professional training—or even an expensive trip to the hardware store!

After learning about some gaps in her kitchen cabinetry that made her cupboards look disjointed and messy, Marian decided to step in and get her hands a little dirty. She looked high and low for ideas. As she sought advice, tips, and tricks from different sources, she realized that some of the best strategies involve using readily available—and surprisingly inexpensive—materials: backer rod and caulk.

Backer rod and caulk—these aren't ingredients for a cooking recipe, nor are they tools for a science project. They are handy items you can pick from your local home improvement store to fix gaps between your kitchen cabinets.

Marian's method was straightforward. She measured the size of the gaps, cut backer rods of the appropriate size, and applied the caulk. Then, she pressed the backer rod into each gap, followed by a consistent layer of caulk. The result? A beautiful, seamless finish!

Marian found the best results using a caulk that matched the color of her cabinetry. This way, the fill blends wonderfully with her cabinets, improving the aesthetic look and feel dramatically.

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This approach is incredibly budget-friendly, with backer rods and caulk costing merely a few dollars. Additionally, since you usually buy these materials in bulk, they can be used for several other maintenance tasks around the house.

Even better, her way of dealing with cabinet gaps is surprisingly simple—even for DIY novices! That means you, too, can roll up your sleeves and get to work, no matter your home improvement skill level.

Not only does Marian's 'Rod and Caulk' method provide a cost-effective and straightforward solution for annoying gaps in cabinetry, but it also stands as a shining example of how seemingly complicated home projects can often be solved in a simplistic yet effective manner.

We say hats off to Marian Holden for her creative hack and her willingness to share it with us. So don't be shy—grab that backer rod and caulk gun, get out there, and fill those gaps. We are cheering you on every step of the way!

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