Woman finds out her brother is proposing from family Amazon account

A woman on TikTok went viral after the family’s Amazon account ruined a massive surprise.

Lo (@laureezy) posted that while going through the family Amazon account, she found a few purchases that spoiled the surprise of her brother’s upcoming proposal. She found string lights, candles, rose petals, and a velvet ring box.

Once she saw those items, the secret was out.

“POV: I think the family amazon acct just spoiled my brother proposing,” @laureezy22 wrote in her video.

She wasn’t completely oblivious to the idea her brother might propose, though.

“I knew he had a ring but I’m assuming I wasn’t meant to see this stuff but congrats mike!” she wrote in her caption.

Her video has over 2 million views, and apparently, having proposals spoiled by joint Amazon accounts isn’t a rare thing.

“My family Amazon account exposed my proposal too lolol,” replied @24hrcvspharmacy.

“THIS LITERALLY HAPPENED TO ME i saw my family buying a ‘first christmas engaged’ ornament and i called them and was like whos this for?????” said @angelinaflmk.

Many more comments described how the family account ruined surprises for them. One TikToker informed the rest of the comment section that you can have a family account without every purchase listed in the same spot.

“i need y’all to know that you can have separate amazon accounts under the same prime membership lol,” @spaceaceofficial commented. “Go to amazon household settings and send email invites to everyone in your family! i think you can have 4 or 5 people on there.”

That information was a revelation to many people and was popular enough to be the top comment under the post.

Lo hasn’t posted an update to her video yet, but hopefully, there will be a second part after the world found out her brother planned a proposal.

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