Woman feels ‘uncomfortable’ being bridesmaid to childhood best friend because of groom: ‘Cut them both out of your life’

A woman doesn’t want to be a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding.

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum. She has known her friend Jane since middle school, though they went to separate colleges. She met her boyfriend, Kyle, at college.

Before the pandemic, Jane moved to LA. Several months later, Kyle decided to move to LA. without the Reddit poster. They remained in a long-distance relationship. Meanwhile, Kyle and Jane started to hang out.

Eventually, Kyle and the Reddit poster broke up. She noticed that, during the pandemic, Kyle and Jane were hanging out a lot. They denied a relationship and stopped speaking to the Reddit poster. Now, Jane and Kyle are engaged.

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Jane asked the Reddit poster to be a bridesmaid. But the Reddit poster declined saying it would make her “uncomfortable.” Now, the couple is upset.

Redditors thought Jane and Kyle were in the wrong.

“Cut them both out of your life,” someone wrote.

“It really sounds like he may have cheated on you with your best friend, at the very least they got together soon after you two broke up,” another said.

“Not only is it weird they both want you there after all that’s happened, but to be a bridesmaid on top of it as well?” a person commented.

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