Fake it 'Til You Make it: Woman Uses Photoshop to Create Phony Vacation Photos

Photoshop can really make a vacation photo come to life. As it turns out, it can also make a fake vacation look like real life.

Zilla van den Born faked her vacation photos to trick her friends and family into believing that she was on a 5-week trip in Southeast Asia.  The Dutch student played the prank as part of a project for her University.


Believe it or not, this photo was not taken in the ocean. (Photo: Zilla van der Born)


Zilla van der Born took this photo in a pool, and then Photoshopped it to look like she was in the ocean. (Photo: Zilla van der Born)

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In our current Instagram society, Zilla wanted to prove that sometimes the things shared on social media aren’t necessarily true. With the help of filters and editing software, people are able to alter what “reality” really means.

On her website, Zilla posted images before and after she Photoshopped them. She took a photo in a pool and made it look like she was in the ocean, she cropped herself into a group shot,  and she even cleverly redecorated her apartment to look like a hotel room when she skyped with her parents.

So how would you react if a loved one did this to you? Check out the video below for the hilarious reactions of Zilla's friends and family after she revealed her clever high jinks.


This looks like a lovely destination photo….(Photo: Zilla van der Born)


But with a little help from Photoshop….(Photo: Zilla van der Born)


Zilla fooled her friends and family into believing she was actually there. (Photo: Zilla van der Born)

Here is a happy group of friends on vacation. (Photo: Zilla van der Born)

Oh, look! There's Zilla, but where did that guy go? (Photo: Zilla van der Born)

WATCH: Zilla's friends and family react to her fake photos revelation:

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