Woman faces backlash over ‘unfair’ reason for skipping her own birthday party

A woman didn’t go to her birthday party when her family made it a point to exclude her girlfriend. She sought advice on Reddit’s “Am I The A******” forum. “A week ago I turned 23. I’ve been with Ry (nickname) for five years ... Ry is 27”. “for whatever reason, my mother wanted to celebrate this birthday and I agreed”. Then a week before her birthday she’s told that Ry isn’t invited to the party. “my grandmother and mother don’t like her (age difference and they think she ‘turned’ me)” . Ry accepted that she wasn’t invited, but the 23-year-old opted to skip the party entirely. “Now my family are texting me saying that I’ve embarrassed them … and that I’m being manipulative”. Reddit had a surprisingly mixed reaction to the situation. “Act like an adult if you want to be treated like one,” one user commented. “It’s insane to exclude a celebrant from deciding who is going to attend their birthday,” another said