Woman Explains Exactly Why Birds Sleep Standing on One Leg

If you've ever seen a bird sleep, you might have noticed that they do it standing on one leg. They also fluff their feathers up, almost like they are creating their own little blanket. It's really cute to see! Aloe is a pretty little green parrotlet, and his mom took video of him sleeping and shared it on Monday, January 29th.

Of course mom wanted to show off how cute he is, but she had another reason for sharing the video, too. She explained the two reasons that birds sleep with one leg tucked up into their chests. One reason, it helps them balance. This one I could've guessed. But the second reason I didn't know...it also helps keep them warm!

@Aloe's video was interesting to me for a couple of reasons; one because I didn't know there was a reason they slept with one leg up, and two because I have never heard of a parrotlet before. I was interested in learning more about both. I wasn't the only one who didn't know about why birds sleep that way. One commenter admitted, "I thought my bird was hurt when it did that (when I was younger)", and Aloe's mom replied, "Yes I asked my vet about it when I first got Aloe too!" The primary reason they do this is to regulate their body heat, which makes sense. This is also the reason they fluff up their feathers - it keeps them warm.

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Do Parrotlets Make Good Pets?

I already know that birds make great pets because my parents got a Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot when we were kids. His name is Otis and he's 45 now. He's like another sibling to us all. Knowing what a fun pet Otis is, I guessed that parrotlets would be too, and headed to Google to see what I could find out.

Turns out that parrotlets make great pets, even for a first-time bird owner. They are highly intelligent, very affectionate (once a trust bond is built), love to do tricks, and are very entertaining to watch. They're very playful, and while they are small in size (they're only about 5 inches tall) they often have larger than life personalities.

Parrotlets are social birds and love to be handled. They are the smallest bird in the parrot family (they're nicknamed 'pocket parrots'), and since they are a parrot, they can learn to talk and mimic sounds they hear around them. Because they are social, they love to be handled and out of their cage a couple hours each day, but they will pick and choose which family members they want to bond with. Know that they live about 20 years, so owning one is a huge commitment.

From the quick research I did, it sounds like most people consider parrotlets a great pet! If you have a busy house with something always going on, this might be the bird for you - they love being part of the family. And it goes without saying that if you are thinking about getting a family pet, make sure to do your research! There are pros and cons to owning any animal, and your family needs to find one perfect for their lifestyle.

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