Woman’s Easy Hallway Makeover Adds Texture and So Much Character


Adding texture to a wall can take place in various ways. It's a great way to add some depth and character to an otherwise blank area, such as the entranceway.

DIYer Emma shares in a video posted on September 16 how she added some texture to her hallway using paneling, and it makes a significant difference while adding a touch of rustic charm. Let's see for ourselves!

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It gives off industrial farmhouse vibes.

Emma decided it was time to redecorate her hallway. She wanted to give it a more welcoming and stylish look, so she opted to add tongue and groove paneling to the walls. Emma measured the hallway's dimensions carefully, making sure she had enough paneling to cover the entire space.

Before she began the installation, she gathered all the necessary materials and tools. With her measuring tape, pencil, and level in hand, Emma started marking the walls and panels to ensure a precise fit.

To adhere the panels to the wall, she used Grab adhesive and applied a generous amount to the back of each panel, ensuring it would hold firmly. As she placed the first panel against the wall, she made sure the tongues and grooves interlocked correctly.

To give her hallway a more traditional and finished appearance, Emma decided to install a dado rail on top of the paneling by measuring the appropriate height for the dado rail and using a level to ensure it was installed straight.

Then, she attached the dado rail securely to the wall using nails, making sure it covered the top edges of the panels for a seamless transition.

Emma thought it would be practical to include coat pegs along the paneling wall and therefore decided to securely install some. This addition not only provided a functional benefit but also added a charming touch to the hallway.

To complete the look and enhance the natural beauty of the wood, Emma decided to apply wood stain to the installed panels. She chose a stain color that complemented the hallway's overall aesthetic.

After applying the stain evenly, Emma allowed it to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions and then applied a clear sealant to protect the wood and give it a polished finish.

And voilà, the result is a beautifully paneled and well-organized hallway that exudes both style and practicality.

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