Woman does full face with Dollar Tree makeup and is surprised with the final look: ‘this is giving y2k makeup and i love it’

What’s the draw of dollar-store makeup? Well, for one, it’s a pretty good bang for your buck.

Resident “2000s babe” and Nashville-based content creator Michaila Cothran (@michaila.cothran) posted a TikTok of herself putting on a full face of Dollar Tree makeup. Incorporating pops of color and hints of glitter, Michaila unsurprisingly delivered a very aughts-inspired look for less than $20.

“Today, I’ll be doing a full face of makeup using only Dollar Tree products,” she says. “Y’all, I’m so excited for this. I bought literally everything. Powder, concealer, highlight, blush, eyeshadow… Everything.” Almost every product Michaila uses is by L.A. COLORS.

Michaila starts off her routine with foundation, which she notes was only available in the shade “Natural.”

Next up, she goes in with color-correcting concealer, followed by powder in the shade “Beige” and then a contour stick.

“Why does this look good?” Michaila asks while applying her contour.

Afterward, she reaches for the eyebrow pencil.

“Oh, slay! OK, not bad,” she reacts. “That looks perfect. I have no complaints. This is turning out so good. I’m confused.”

Michaila then reaches for the three-color L.A COLORS eyeshadow palette. She packs on the teal blue shade followed by the gold.

“For eyeshadow, I got these colors. I just love blue, so let’s see how they do,” she says. “This looks so good, and why is this sponge applicator working so well?”

To blend out the eyeshadow, Michaila decides to use one of the L.A. COLORS brushes — which she likens to “using a rake” on her face.

“Y’all look… I can’t… It, like, doesn’t bend,” she says. “Oh, this is bad.”

Michaila goes in with the highlight by ioni Cosmetics, which she applies to the apples of her cheeks, her brow bones, inner corners, the tip of her nose and the top of her lip.

“Oh my gosh,” she says. “It looks so good. Oh my gosh, y’all were right. Oh, that’s a good highlight.”

What she’s less fond of, however, is the L.A. COLORS Hourglass mascara.

“I don’t love this,” Michaila reveals. “Don’t love the mascara.”

Michaila uses another ioni Cosmetics product, its blush in the shade “Billy,” which she applies with her own brush.

At the end of her routine, Michaila gives a quick rundown of the products she liked and disliked.

“This is honestly not bad. For less than $20, this is not bad,” she says. “What I don’t like is — I don’t like the brushes… The sponges are OK, and I don’t like the mascara. For $1.25, I feel like the foundation is OK. It’s very light coverage, very sheer… Powder was OK, but it was too dark for my skin… For $1.25, this is a good contour stick. Brow pencil was perfect.

“But my favorite thing was the blush. All their blushes are so good. The L.A. COLORS blushes were good. The ioni blushes were good. The highlight was really good — and the eyeshadow,” she confirms. “So, if you’ve never tried Dollar Tree makeup, maybe you should go.”

“this is giving y2k makeup and i love it”

Commenters familiar with Michaila’s 2000s aesthetic are in agreement that the final look suited her incredibly well.

“That eyeshadow look suits you perfectly,” someone replied.

“U even sound y2k,” another joked.

“this is giving y2k makeup and i love it,” one user responded.

In posting this thrifty video, which already has over 329,400 views and 68,800 likes, Michaila proves that achieving a desirable makeup look doesn’t have to leave a dent in your wallet — in fact, quality beauty products can be purchased from the most unlikely of stores.

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