Woman DIYs Simple Hanging Shelf With Leather Straps Anyone Could Pull Off

Unsplash / Sven Mieke

Say hello to a new DIY project that'll add a rustic, bohemian touch to your home decor! If you're a regular here at Dengarden, you know our enthusiasm for home improvement and DIY projects.

Sarah Merrell (@sarahflipsit) has tackled everything from upcycled flower planters to handmade birdhouses. But this time, she has outdone herself with an easy, brilliantly executed hanging shelf with leather straps. Trust us; this is a project even the greenest DIY-er could pull off!

Sarah manages to keep her DIY project needs refreshingly straightforward. This hanging shelf requires a wood plank, some sturdy leather straps, and a handful of screws. Couple these with a sense of adventure and an eagerness to learn, and you have a promising DIY afternoon!

The DIY starts with preparing the leather straps, which double to support for the shelf and as an aesthetic feature. If any material can marry form and function perfectly, it's leather.

Next comes the wooden shelf. Sarah used a sanding block to create a smooth, clean surface while preserving the wood's rich, worn character. Although she bought a new piece of wood, you can save money (and help the environment) by investing in repurposing scraps. The beauty of reclaimed wood is in its imperfect perfection. Each plank tells a story, which you can honor with a renewed purpose.

Sarah's DIY prowess shines when it comes to assembling the pieces. Always with a gentle reminder that methodical and cautious beats hurried and hasty every time, she affixes the leather straps to the wooden plank. Then it's simply hanging it on the wall, adjusting its height to your liking, and placing decor on the shelf.

There's something uniquely satisfying about building a piece of your home decor with your own two hands. And when it's crafted with such simplicity and elegance? That satisfaction doubles.

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