Woman divides Twitter with ‘evil’ way of opening bread bags

A woman is sending the Twitterverse into a frenzyall thanks to the way she opens packaged bread.According to the offender’s husband, Twitter user AmbJohnBolton, she likes to rip bags of bread openin the middle so that they can’t be closed again.“This is how my wife opens bread,” AmbJohnBolton said,sharing a photo of a completely destroyed bag.“You gotta get a divorce, I’m sorry,” oneperson said after seeing the pictures.“That is not normal behaviour,” another person added, reiterating that AmbJohnBolton should “divorce her”.“This is terrifying. Please don’tbreed,” a third person joked.Somehow, AmbJohnBolton’s wife isn’tthe only one who opens bread this way.In the comments, some people notedthat either they or their relatives alsorip open bags of bread like this.Remember when people just usedbread boxes? Those were the days

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