Woman discovers source of 'weird noise' in her wall: 'I had the exact same happen to me'

A woman noticed a “weird noise” coming from a tiny hole in her apartment. It turned out to be a familiar friend.

TikToker Kenna Buchanan spotted a living thing trying to slip into her home. After some investigating, she identified the friendly visitor and hatched a plan to lure it out safely.

When Buchanan first noticed the creature, she texted her roommate, Kiley, that something was “digging” its way into their apartment. Her roommate had no answers.

Buchanan guessed it was “some rodent eating through the wall,” perhaps. But eventually, she learned it was Linda, the neighbor’s hamster.

After much chewing, Linda was able to pop her tiny little hamster head out of the wall.

“Linda was successfully lured out with tortilla chips and returned to her owner,” Buchanan explained.

The video racked up over 4.6 million views. Naturally, people fell in love with Linda and the chaos she caused.

“The fact that the hamster is named Linda is sending me into orbit,” a person commented.

“‘Lured out with tortilla chips’. Never have I related to a hamster more,” another wrote.

“Hamsters are master escape artists for real,” a TikToker replied.

“My hamster escaped for about a week and we came downstairs one morning to a hole in the kitchen ceiling,” someone added.

“I had the exact same happen to me but it was my upstairs neighbour!! Hamster are mental,” a user said.

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