Woman makes ‘scary’ discovery after months of living in new home: ‘How could you not notice?’

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A woman is creeping out TikTok users after discovering a secret door in the bathroom of her home — months after she moved in.

For months now, TikTokers have taken to the app to share the bizarre, mysterious and downright creepy secrets hiding in their homes. Users have found passageways behind their closets, rooms behind their mirrors and basements they never knew they had.

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TikToker @cattccc‘s addition to the trend is particularly strange. According to a video posted last year, the user found a hidden room behind her bathroom cabinet. The strangest part? It took her three months to notice it.

“Can’t believe we’ve lived here for three months and only just discovered this,” @cattccc captioned her clip.

In the video, @cattccc shows off her bathroom before placing her hands on what looks like a normal built-in cabinet. Then, she grabs the cabinet and pulls it open, revealing a totally separate room.

The room, which is small and has a seemingly low ceiling, even features a window. Yet, according to her video, @cattccc and her roommate knew nothing about it when they moved in.

TikTok users were both amazed and creeped out by the hidden room, which some called “creepy” or "scary."

“How could you not notice this?” one commenter asked.

“What’s the purpose of it?” another asked.

“You could rent it out,” another joked.

Some eagle-eyed TikTokers questioned how @cattccc didn’t notice the secret room earlier, considering the cabinet door appears to be on wheels. Still, given the number of viral TikToks about secret rooms, it seems like this phenomenon is more common than some might think.

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